Rage Syndrome



This condition goes by a number of names to include Rage Syndrome, Idiopathic Aggression and Canine Rage. Dog suffering from this condition pose a real danger to pets, owners or anyone that may come into contact with the dog. The behavior is completely unpredictable and will show itself with absolutely no provocation, the dog may attack it's owners, another dog, or objects for no apparent reason. Some breeds that have been known to have Idiopathic rage like symptoms would be Cocker Spaniels ie. "Cocker Rage".


Modern medica opinion is that Rage Syndrome is a type of epilepsy, which can cause “a normally placid dog to engage in sudden and unprovoked violent attacks.”  Rage syndrome is also known as Sudden Onset Aggression (SOA).




There are a variety of treatments available for these types of conditions, but would need to be specifically tailored to the individual dog.  Canine Epilepsy and Rage Syndrome appear to be genetic and inheritable conditions, and may be more prevalent in the American Cocker Spaniel do to the previously a history of questionable breeding practices.