Bruno Jura Hound

Named for the Jura Mountains which separate Switzerland from France, the Bruno Jura Hound is one of four recognized varieties of Schweizer Laufhund; a group of scenthounds native to Switzerland. The other members of this group are the Bernese Hound, Lucernese Hound,  and Schwyz Hound. Most kennel clubs and canine organizations treat all members as varieties of a single breed, the Schweizer Laufhund. For more information on the development and history of this breed please see the Schweizer Laufhund page which provides the combined history of all breeds and varieties in this group. 



Breed Information

Breed Basics

Country of Origin: 
Medium 15-35 lb
Large 35-55 lb
10 to 12 Years
Bern Hound, Bruno Jura Laufhund, Bruno Hound, Bruno Laufhund
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