Bully Kutta


The name Bully Kutta when used to refer to a breed of dog is a blanket term for all breeds of fighting dog in Pakistan. Although, fanciers and enthusiasts of the breed claim that it is a separate and unique breed unlike the Alangu Mastiff. The Bully Kutta is a large muscular Mastiff breed found mostly in Pakistan. Its name is derived from the Sinhi and Urdu languages where it is known as a Bohli Kutta; Bohli meaning "heavily wrinkled" and Kutta meaning "dog". Its use as a fighting dog and popularity outside of its own borders led to the western interpretation of the first part of its name as ‘Bully’ similar to Pit Bull, Bull Dog, Bull Terrier etc.


Breed Information

Breed Basics

Country of Origin: 
XX-Large 90-120 lb+
10 to 12 Years
Difficult to Train
Energy Level: 
Medium Energy
Protective Ability: 
Very Protective
Hypoallergenic Breed: 
Space Requirements: 
Needs Alot of Space
Compatibility With Other Pets: 
May Injure or Kill Other Animals
Litter Size: 
5-10 puppies
Pakistani Mastiff, Indian Mastiff, Sindhi Mastiff.


150-170 lbs, 30-44 inches
130-150 lbs, 28-36 inches,


Please visit the Alangu Mastiff page for more history about this breed.


Like the Alangu Mastiff the Bully Kutta breed is also known as the Pakistani Mastiff, Indian Mastiff and Sindhi Mastiff. It is generally agreed upon that it like the Alangu Mastiff developed in the desert area of Kutch, in the Bhawalpur area of Punjab and in the Rajasthan area under the Sindh district. Thus its shares the majority of its origin with the Alangu Mastiff, where at some point; more than likely due to conflicts and changing borders, it is believed to have diverged into its own type of Mastiff. This new type was then further separated into regional strains. The Bully Kutta strain present in northern Pakistan is said to have been influenced by the Central Asian Mastiff, while the Bully Kutta in southern Pakistan was influenced more heavily by the Indian Mastiffs.


In modern times it is said to be primarily used as a guard dog and protector of the home. Although, a great number of these dogs are bred and owned exclusively for the sport of dog fighting within its home country of Pakistan. Although technically illegal, poor enforcement of the laws and the rural nature of the country do little to prevent it from occurring.




Please visit the Alangu Mastiff page for additional information about this breeds appearance as it mirrors it in many aspects. The notable differences have are detailed below.


The Bully Kutta is a well built, thick boned and muscular breed of dog. The weight of male Bully Kutta will range between 150 to 170 pounds though some exceptionally large specimens can reach upwards of 200 pounds. Height at the withers for a male is 30-44 inches and for females 28-36 inches.


The short smooth coat is most often white in color although other colors such as black, brown, fawn, brindle and bi-colored dogs are not unusual. Non standardization of color is a trait common to many fighting breeds that were/are bred exclusively for performance not for conformation or a unified appearance.


Grooming Requirements: 


One of the few benefits of owning an Bully Kutta is that it is a breed that requires little in the way of grooming maintenance. As a short coated breed the Bully Kutta is a moderate shedder that requires only occasional brushing with a slicker brush to keep the coat in good condition.  Bathing would be a hosing off in the yard affair and even below that a damp towel can be used to remove dirt and bring out the sheen of the coat.

Health Issues: 


The Bully Kutta is considered to be a very healthy breed of dog with a low propensity for congenital health defects. The only known issues to be listed as associated with this breed is a tendency to develop arthritis and blindness in later life, which is not uncommon for most dog breeds. Due to its size bloat may also be a concern or other illnesses generically associated with large breeds of dog.

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