The Phalene and Papillon are essentially the same breed of dog, and there is little difference between the two except for the ears; the Papillon has ears which stand straight up, and the Phalene has ears which droop down to the sides.  In most of the world, the Papillon and the Phalene are considered to be two separate breeds, but in the United States both are treated as one breed, the Papillon. The Phalène derives its name from the French word for ‘night moth’ and is the older of the two varieties of the modern Papillon; the appearance of the erect-eared variety was not documented until the 16th century. In America, the Phalene is not considered to be a distinct breed but simply a variant of the Papillon.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) requires that Phalene be registered as a Papillon and shown and judged in the same class. As both the Papillon and Phalene are considered to be two versions of the same breed and share an identical history, please see the ‘Papillon’ article for more information about this breed.


Breed Information

Breed Basics

Country of Origin: 
X-Small 4-8 lb
Small 8-15 lb
12 to 15 Years
Very Easy To Train
Energy Level: 
High Energy
A Couple Times a Week
Protective Ability: 
Good Watchdog
Hypoallergenic Breed: 
Space Requirements: 
Apartment Ok
Compatibility With Other Pets: 
Generally Good With Other Pets If Raised Together
May Have Issues With Other Dogs
Not Recommended For Homes With Small Animals
Litter Size: 
2-4 Puppies
Continental Toy Spaniel, Continental Spaniel, Toy Spaniel, Dwarf Spaniel, Epagnuel Nain


8-10 lbs, 8-11 inches
7-9 lbs, 8-11 inches
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