Toy Poodle


The history of the Toy Poodle is very much like that of the standard and miniature varieties, as it is the youngest of these three breeds. Having originated from unknown sources, this tiny pooch was originally reserved for royalty. The Toy Poodle’s one and only original job was as a warmer, yes that’s right, a warmer. Placed in the sleeves of royalty and easily concealed, the Toy Poodle was used to keep royalty warm. It is best known that the Toy Poodle appeared around the 18th or 19th century but this cannot be clarified.

Breed Information

Breed Basics

Country of Origin: 
X-Small 4-8 lb
12 to 15 Years
Moderate Effort Required
Energy Level: 
Medium Energy
Professional Grooming May Be Required
Protective Ability: 
Fairly Laid Back
Hypoallergenic Breed: 
Space Requirements: 
Apartment Ok
Compatibility With Other Pets: 
Friendly With Other Dogs
Friendly With Other Pets
Litter Size: 
1-4 Puppies
Pudle (Old English), Caniche, Barbone


6-8 lbs, Under 10 inches

Kennel Clubs and Recognition

American Kennel Club: 
ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council): 
CKC(Canadian Kennel Club): 
FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale): 
KC (The Kennel Club): 
NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club): 
UKC (United Kennel Club): 


For more in depth information please visit the "Poodle" main page.






For more information on the appearance please visit the "Miniature Poodle" page or the "Poodle" main page.


Aside from height and weight differences the Toy Poodle is merely a smaller version of the Miniature Poodle. The Toy Poodle must be less than 10 inches tall with a weight of between 6-8 pounds.




The temperament is much like that of the Miniature Poodle. Please visit the "Miniature Poodle" page for more information.


Grooming Requirements: 


The grooming requirements are much like that of the Miniature Poodle. Please visit the "Miniature Poodle" page for more information.


Health Issues: 


Please visit the "Poodle" main page for more information.


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