Dog on Dog Aggression

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This behavioural problem is associated with dog on dog aggression. This p roblem can be a breed specific or what is known as a genetically linked trai t such as the case with Akitas, Pitbulls or othe...More

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Griffon Vendeen


Although they do share some early history (listed here) the term “Griffon Vendeen” as used when referring to a breed of dog is a generic term that may apply to one of two types: the...

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English Toy Spaniel




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The name Schnauzer as used when referring to a breed of dog may refer to any one of the three accepted sizes. Please select the type that you are interested in learning more about from the list...

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Greyhounds and Anesthesia


This packet is made available through Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, Inc. by William E. Feeman III, DVM


Some veterinarians and some Greyhound rescue groups make specific...

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